Hey look, a new blog! Seeking your feedback

Hawks behind scenes 014

It’s a couple years old but it’s the only photo I had of inside the Hawks’ locker room.

Hey look, a new blog.

I know. Finally, you say.

Sorry folks but I’ve been trying (and I stress trying) to get some time off, preparing for the draft and free agency, planning for the summer and next season and still watching some playoff basketball. And my list of household chores to get done this summer is just a little smaller. Enough excuses. More blogs will be coming with the draft right around the corner, followed by free agency and summer league.

I do need some help. In preparing for the AJC’s coverage plans for next season, I’m looking for some feedback. If you wouldn’t mind leaving your comments about a couple of things:

  1. Did you like the format of the game thread blogs? I was looking to provide just the basic information and then give you a place to comment about the game or anything else on your mind.
  2. During games, I did most of my commenting on Twitter. It is difficult to comment on both the blog and Twitter – while still keeping track of the game. Do you prefer one place over another for my comments/information?
  3. I tried to provide several short news items each day. Did you like that format or would you like to see them all in one place like a traditional notebook?
  4. I think I will continue to recap games with my Five Observations. Is there something more/less you would like to see there?
  5. Finally, we are giving serious thought to producing a weekly podcast on the Hawks. I think it would be a great way to share some insight, provide parts of interviews I have done, answer questions, etc. My goal would be to find a new way to pass all the information I can accumulate in a week with my access to the team as the only person at every game and practice (home and away). Would that be on interest?

Also, feel free to pass along any constructive (please) criticism about my coverage. I do like to hear what you think. Hard to believe next season will be my fifth full year on the beat.

Thanks again for your help. I will be checking the comments and answering questions before I post a new blog in the next day or two. Thanks folks.

Now, time to get back to learning what I can about Thon Maker.

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