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Hawks playoff watch: Nets back to No. 8

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The Nets have lost twice in the past nine games – both to the Hawks in five days. The home loss Wednesday night dropped the Nets back to the No. 8 seed and a first-round matchup with the No. 1 Hawks. The Hawks swept the season series, 4-0.

The Celtics and Nets have the same records, one game ahead of the Pacers and Heat. Four games remain with the four teams separated by just one game. Yes, the playoff picture remains blurry.

The Cavaliers clinched the No. 2 spot in the East Wednesday night. The Hawks would not play the Cavaliers into the conference finals. The Pistons have been officially eliminated.

On the NBA schedule tonight, only the Heat play as they host the Bulls.

Here’s how things stand in the Eastern Conference for the final two spots:

7. Boston          (36-42)    23.0 GB    4 games remaining

8. Brooklyn      (36-42)     23.0 GB    4 games remaining

9. Indiana         (35-43)    24.0 GB    4 games remaining

10. Miami         (35-43)    24.0 GB    4 games remaining

11. Charlotte     (33-45)    26.0 GB    4 games remaining

Upcoming schedules

Celtics: 2 home, 2 away – at Cavaliers April 10, vs. Cavaliers April 12, vs. Raptors April 14, at Bucks April 15

Nets: 3 home, 1 away – vs. Wizards April 10, at Bucks April 12, vs. Bulls April 13, vs. Magic April 15

Heat: 3 home, 1 away – vs. Bulls April 9, vs. Raptors April 11, vs. Magic April 14, at 76ers April 15

Pacers: 2 home, 2 away – at Pistons April 10, vs. Thunder April 12, vs. Wizards April 14, at Grizzlies April 15

Hornets: 1 home, 3 away –  at Hawks April 10, at Pistons April 12, vs. Rockets April 13, at Raptors April 15

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