Game Thread: Budenholzer talks about Hawks’ win streak

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The Hawks enter Sunday’s game against the Wizards winners of 21 of the past 23 games.

Coach Mike Budenholzer, who has seen a few winning streaks in his days with the Spurs, was still trying to downplay the Hawks’ recent success. Certainly, it’s not something that has been seen around this organization in quite some time.

I asked Budenholzer:

Have you ever been part of such a winning streak?

“Obviously in Atlanta this is something we didn’t do last year. As an assistant coach in San Antonio we had some pretty good streaks. Coming from an organization with players and a team that has had a lot of success I’ve seen it and felt it. Hopefully we can have something similar here.”

So this is comparable to those in San Antonio?

“I don’t really compare much. If you are talking technically, I’ve probably been a part of something similar to this. In reality, this is very unique and new for all of us. We are all learning together and working our way through it together.”

Have you been approached by fans? Can you feel the excitement of the city?

“You can feel that our fans are appreciative of the work of our guys and what is happening and hopefully they are getting excited about it. They’ve helped us. The last few games the crowds have been great. Hopefully the guys are somebody that can get excited (about) and support.”

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