Game Thread: Hawks vs. Randolph-less Grizzlies

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The Hawks face the Grizzlies, who will be without the services of Zach Randolph, tonight.

Randolph will miss his ninth straight game with right knee soreness.

In Hawks news, the team is currently on a five-game win streak punctuated by a three-game West coast sweep of the Jazz, Trail Blazers and Clippers. Coach Mike Budenholzer wasn’t giving away any secrets of the recent success.

“Each of the games is different and each have some positives that we can take away,” Budenholzer said. “I think the last two we didn’t start well, we were down 8-0 and 11-2. That’s not the way we want to start. We were able to find ourselves and right it fairly quickly. That was good. Our defense allowed us to stay in the game (versus the Clippers). Just different things, in different games.

“I think just our defense is getting better. That is the thing I keep harping on. Those teams are hard to guard and if we can continue to do that, we’ll give ourselves a chance.”

Here is your game thread folks. Have at it.

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