Hawks keeping eye on 2015 NBA Draft

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Al Horford is returning from a torn right pectoral muscle that limited him to 29 games last season. (AJC File)

It’s early, I know, but I was reminded this morning that there is reason to keep an eye on the 2015 NBA Draft.

You see, the Hawks have the right to swap first-round draft picks with the Nets again next year. It is the final year of the stipulation from the Joe Johnson trade pulled off by general manager Danny Ferry when he assumed control of the franchise in 2012. The Hawks had the right to the swap picks last year but finished with a better selection than the Nets.

The Hawks are currently tied for second in the Eastern Conference at 19-7. The Nets are in eighth place with an 11-15 record. There is a lot of season left to play. Remember last year I speculated the Nets were in trouble after the injury to Brooks Lopez. They certainly rebounded from the loss of the center. A lot can happen, but it’s interesting to note.

Interestingly, the Hawks also had both their own AND the Nets’ (via the Jazz) second-round pick next year. However, they traded the Nets’ second-rounder in the trade to get Lamar Patterson at this year’s draft.

Stay tuned.

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